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Lead Electronics Engineer

Augmental, Wearable Devices. San Francisco, California

About the Role

Augmental is an MIT Media Lab spinoff making innovative hardware products focusing on creating *human first* experiences that enhance everyday interactions with digital devices and interfaces. We are recruiting a team of ambitious scientists, engineers, and leaders to reimagine how we connect with our technology. Join us in developing the future of intraoral devices and pushing the boundaries of hands-free computing!

The MouthPad, Augmental's first product that allows people to control devices purely through the movement of their tongue, is currently in its Beta stage of development, moving quickly between rapid iterations. You will join an early-stage team as the Lead Electronics Engineer in charge of electrical design, production, assembly, and evaluation of the electronic systems for the product.

You will optimize electronic designs for in-mouth biosensing and peripherals, research and integrate novel sensors, build test workflows for prototype validation, and implement new hardware solutions by pushing the limits of modern bio-interface manufacturing methods.