Augmental Tech.
Discreet hands-free mobile device interaction
We create technology that integrates with the human body to enable access to information and assistance when the use of hands is not possible.

We are developing discreet hands-and-eyes-free interfaces for people with both situational and severe motor impairment.

We want to help others to overcome the physical & sensory limitations of the body, and we see the mouth as unexplored real-estate for human-computer interaction.
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Augmented Reality
Providing a discreet and precise hands-free interface for visual and audio AR devices
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Assistive Technology
Enabling access to computers and increased autonomy for those living with paralysis of the upper extremities
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Situational Impairment
Allowing interaction with mobile device when constraints imposed by context prevent the use of hands
If you'd like to learn more about what we're doing, talk about investment, or request a demo, please email to us at