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Augmental MouthPad

The world's first available hands-free touchpad.

The MouthPad is a tongue-driven interface that controls your computer, smartphone, or tablet via Bluetooth. Virtually invisible to the world, but always available to you, it is positioned across the roof of your mouth to put all of the power of a conventional touchpad at the tip of your tongue. Whether you’re looking for a new way to unleash your creativity or seamlessly interact with your personal devices, the possibilities are infinite with the MouthPad.



Our pressure-sensitive touchpad sits at the roof of your mouth. Invisible to everyone else, it detects every movement and gesture of your tongue in real-time to support standard cursor control and clicks.



No need to install any extra software, the MouthPad can connect straight out of the box with most standard operating systems.



Connect and control your device using Bluetooth technology. When not in use, automatically recharge it by placing it in its charging case.



Made from trusted and carefully-sourced dental materials, each custom-made MouthPad leverages the latest advancements in 3D printing, electronic encapsulation, and dental materials.


Supported Platforms
  • MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • iOS, Android
Technical Details
  • General device thickness: ~0.7mm
  • Battery Time: 5+ hours of continuous use
  • Charge Time: ~2 hours
  • Safety: Stainless steel encapsulation
  • Safety Testing: UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 passed
  • Dental resin
What's In The Box
  • Size: ~30 x 50 x 80 mm
  • Weight: ~7.5 g
Charging Case
  • Size: 38 x 75 x 95 mm
  • Charging Cable: USB-C to USB-A

Want to learn more about the MouthPad?
Check out our FAQ

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Join our Early Access

Curious to experience the power of the MouthPad for yourself? Sign up for our Early Access waitlist to be among the first to try the MouthPad, or be first in line after our product's public release. By joining us on this exciting journey, you'll play an integral role in shaping the future of human-computer interaction. We craft every MouthPad for optimal comfort and functionality to enhance your digital experience. Please note the device is currently in development for early adopters. After signing up, our team will notify you when it's your turn. At that time, you'll have the opportunity to choose to proceed with and confirm your purchase.

Early Access

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This webpage is for education and information purposes only. MouthPad is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. MouthPad is intended to provide hands free interactions but is not intended as a substitute for any structure or any function of the human body.